Five Lessons From Our Gold Medal Girls

1 Aug

They’re unbelievably powerful.  Extremely disciplined.  Completely focused.  And absolutely adorable!

The US Women’s Olympic gymnastic team vaulted, flipped, and landed their way to the coveted team gold medal and into our hearts.

And they have reminded me of some important life lessons.

Focus on what you are designed to do.  McKayla Maroney competes in one event:  the vault.  But she is the world’s best. She reaches heights not imaginable just a few years ago.  Not everyone is built for what McKayla does.  But we are all designed by God to soar high and go beyond limits in something.  Find it.  Live it.  Love it.

Move past a really….really bad day.  Our hearts broke for Jordyn Wieber when her dream of being the Olympic all-around champion died.  But she was determined not to let that loss affect a bigger goal.   Jordyn faced down the most disappointing day in her life and became the ultimate team player.  She chose to reach deep and move forward, leading the girls to Olympic glory.

Be an influencer for Christ.  After winning her spot in the all-around finals, Gabbie Douglas said she stay calm by meditating on the scripture, “be confident of this” (Phiippians 1:6).  This was not just a moment to “thank God” but one in which Gabbie demonstrated His power and presence in her life. No rehearsed statement.  No making it about herself.  Gabbie just gave sweet honor to the Giver of all things.

Most of us will not speak before millions.  But we are given platforms in our schools, jobs, and neighborhoods to be a light for Him.

(If you would like to hear Gabbie’s testimony, check out this video.  She’s the real deal!)

Thank your bleacher people.  Did you see the shot of Aly Raisman’s parents watching Sunday’s uneven bars routine ?  You could feel their hearts beating and palms sweating as they counted down every move their daughter made.  They smiled and cheered wildly as Aly beautifully stuck her dismount.  Each of us have family, spouses, and friends who encourage us.  Some sacrificed to make our goals and dreams happen. We can’t thank them enough.

It’s not about the spotlight.  Everyone has a role.  Kyla Ross’ importance could easily be overlooked. Yet, her consistency, work ethic, and level of commitment played a key role in the US bringing home the gold. We should never understimate the value of a less spotlighted job or volunteer position.  These people make the difference between average and winning teams.

Congratulations, girls!  You’ve made us proud and taught us much along the way.

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