The Journey to Healed

24 Jan

This is where the healing begins,
This is where the healing starts
When you come to where you’re broken within
The light meets the dark
The light meets the dark*

One bright, spring day God met a young girl in a place called Forgiven.  Having come many long and dusty miles, she had found a home filled with love and acceptance. Forgiven was clean and safe. Perfect.

I love it here, she thought. Hurt will never find me again.

But eventually it did, bringing along Fear, Anxiety, and Confusion. These were familiar enemies who had followed her everywhere.  She longed to escape their presence and power.

Seeing the struggle, God invited her on a trip to Healed.  Those who have travelled there are strong, free, and find rest, He assured her. It will be a long and challenging journey, but I promise to go with you all the way.

Choosing to trust, her journey began.



Along the way were sweet days in shaded rest areas. And occasionally the drive was smooth, with no traffic jams to threaten her progress.

But many days conditions were hazardous. Stormy reactions. Flash floods of emotions. Downpours of tears.

Often God warned her to proceed with caution. Watch for roadblocks that might cause delays.  Avoid streets marked Dead End.  And be careful not to cause a wreck with others on the same road.

Sadly there were some wrong turns. Ignored maps and directions because she was convinced her way was best.  No thank you, God, she stubbornly insisted. I can figure this out.  And running out of gas happen a time or two…or more. She could coast on fumes for awhile. But when the tank was empty of God’s word, the trip came to a complete stop.

God never left when she strayed off course. He would gently guide her back to the main road, continuing to Healed together.

The drive was longer, tougher than expected. When she wanted to quit, God whispered reminders of the abundant life ahead. Where the ugly tormentors of the past would be powerless. 

Almost there, he would say. 

And finally, the hard, difficult journey ended. She made it to Healed! Peace, Hope, and Purpose opened welcoming arms to greet her.  She knew they would be her friends forever.

So, who is this woman? She’s each of us.  Each one who desires the sunny days of His love. Braves hazards to know His protection.  Returns to Him to embrace His devotion.

It’s a journey I’ve taken. And God was with me all the way.

*Lyrics by Tenth Avenue North


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