God Meets Us in the New

27 Mar

“You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart.” ~ Jeremiah 29:13

My quiet time had fallen flat. Exhausted and over-scheduled, I had allowed complacency to sneak in. It felt like plugging into an outlet but finding no power.

I wanted freshness and passion. So, I asked friends how they pushed past the familiar to reconnect with God.

Each came through challenges with a vibrant, renewed relationship with him. Different situations, but all had a common, fascinating thread.

These women listened for God in new ways.  Looked for him in new places. Discovered him in new experiences.


Dee Kelly is a lifelong athlete and avid runner.  Struggling to become pregnant, she followed doctor’s orders to rest her body and take up a low-key sport. Dee found golf to be relaxing and healing. And great news:  Baby Kelly arrives in August!


“When I golf, I appreciated God’s creation more. I have time to BE STILL in between swings, observe sunsets, feel cool breezes, smell different scents, watch rabbits, birds, dragonflies, and squirrels play. I hear “How Great is Our God” playing in my head. Creation worships God all the time. If we would stop long enough to pause in our busy life, take time to listen, we could enjoy/experience God’s creation more and worship Him in a different way.”


Brenda Robinson is high-energy and artistic. She has a gift for making things beautiful. When her life turned upside-down, Brenda questioned how some big needs were going to be met. God used her creativity as a way to speak truth about trusting Him.

262411_1862660378010_5972203_n“When my husband Tom lost his job, our lives changed forever. At first, cake decorating served as a distraction from stress.  However, God continued to develop my skill level to a point that it became a source of extra income and means to serve others. On the larger “God lesson” scale, I learned to absolutely never doubt God will find a way and to not even bother wondering or worrying about how or where it will happen.”


Roberta Yepishina loves Jesus in a big way. Her excitement about Him is contagious!  But her desire for God hasn’t always been fiery. Enthusiasm came when she stopped settling for a check-the-box time with Christ.  


Well, let’s just say God is awesome.  Every time I went to any Bible study it was kind of…..ehhhh. This semester I’m in an apologetics study and one on the Holy Spirit.  I think the craziest thing I have come to realize is WE ARE PUT ON THIS EARTH TO WITNESS!  The Holy Spirit is our encourager, supporter, helper, guider (idk if that’s a word) for WITNESSING. I have the love that I can pour on people but I don’t have THAT BIBLE KNOWLEDGE. This is where this AMAZING apologetics class kicks in because girls in there literally ANSWER all of my questions. No matter how crazy the questions are….since this class I’m not the MOST PERFECT witness but I do have a lot of more confidence in WHAT I BELIEVE! And I’m so excited about it. Now talking to people isn’t OH MY GOSH IDK what to say. It’s more of like I’M ABOUT TO SHARE THIS WONDERFUL JESUS WITH YOU!!!!

Thank you, Dee, Brenda, and Roberta for your encouragement.  Next week three more friends share their stories of perserverance, facing fear, and seeing God’s beauty in all things.


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3 Responses to “God Meets Us in the New”

  1. kara March 27, 2013 at 12:34 pm #

    Thank you. Awesome post.

  2. Michelle March 28, 2013 at 3:11 am #

    Beautiful Beth! Thank you sister!

  3. lbtaylor March 28, 2013 at 2:39 pm #

    Yay!!! Bless The Lord!

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