Our One Purpose

17 Jul

Today I am revisiting one of the first posts published at Hearts Unfold. God had rekindled a fire in me to know Him intimately. He is why my life has meaning. And He is why each of yours do, too.  We fail, but He fails not. He is our all.

“Worship is man’s full reason for existence.  Worship is why we are born and why we are born again.” ~ A.W. Tozer


We seek it.  Question it.  Wonder if we are really living it.

It can become about what we do.  Consumed with life’s details and busyness, we can fall into the performance trap.

Accomplishment can quickly trump intimacy with God.  Soon purpose can be a twisted need for validation or to feel worthy.

When this happens red flags appear. Control, frustration, and pride surface. Things we want take priority.  We become the center of our own purpose. Chasing our own glory.

The remedy begins with being gut honest with God. Confess a self-centered spirit.  Return to soaking thoughts and attention in His Word. Pray for a craving for more of Him. 

And relinquishing desires and goals for complete devotion to the One who created us.

The One who created each of us for a purpose.  Not to check off every good thing on our to-do lists. Not for our jobs. Not even to care for our families and others we love.  These have purpose. But these deeds, these loved people, are not the purpose.

Our purpose…


…is to worship God.

Scriptures express who we are designed to be.  Worshippers of the One who deserves our adoration.

Psalm 95:6 “O come let us worship and bow down; let us kneel before our LORD our maker.”

Isaiah 6:3:  “Holy, holy, holy is the LORD of hosts, the whole earth is full of his glory.”

Revelation 4:11  “YOU are worthy, O Lord, to receive glory, and honor and power:  for you created all things, and for your pleasure they were created.”

Only from a pure heart of worship can we bring glory to God.  Through that lens our focus is clear.  We have direction.  We hear Him. We are compelled to follow Him.

To know Him.  And become like Him.

Because when worshipping God IS our purpose, our words and works cannot help but praise Him.


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