The Power of Our Words

8 Aug

Let me get this out of the way. Today I’m angry.

But not with a particular person or about a certain situation. It is that righteous anger which rises up when enough is enough. When we reach a tipping point from tolerating something to taking a stand.

It’s because we misuse the very gift God gave us to praise Him. To encourage and edify the body of Christ. And to lead others to eternal life with him.

It’s how we use our words. That’s the gift. And it’s a gift which our sinful natures can quickly use to bring irreparable harm.

This morning I read something which cast doubt on yet another follower of Christ. Someone had grabbed the spotlight by highlighting someone else’s failings.

I can see how this happens. Our culture thrives on the salacious. Headlines scream each day of scandals and lies and innuendos. Reality shows thrive when contestants tear others down to elevate themselves. News alerts scroll across the screen, subconsciously switching our minds to a “guilty until proven innocent” thought process.

Benefit of the doubt? Forget about it.

Before long, we acclimate to the ugliness. It’s just the way it is, right?

But it’s not okay. It’s not okay at all.

Expect the world to behave like this. But Jesus followers, it should not be this way with us. We have been redeemed for better than this.

Before I go any further, let me say I point no fingers. I struggle alongside each of you. Pride, jealousy, and other fill-in-the-blank sins left unconfessed can lead to conversations I didn’t dream possible. We are all susceptible.

But I am watching some people hurting right now. And I just want us to take care of one another. Lift up rather than destroy. Be refreshing wellsprings of life. Because there are people barely surviving in dry deserts carved by hurtful words and careless speech.

Can we do this?

Can we be encouragers (Ephesians 4:29)?

Can we be open to correction if a sister in Christ cautions us to watch what we say (Prov.19:20)?

Can we choose to think on the things that are honest, just, pure, lovely, and of good report (Phil.4:8)?

Can we pray for those who mistreat us rather than respond in kind (Romans 12:17)?

Can we love one another sincerely from the heart (1 Peter 2:2)?

God’s word says we can. So today I pray this for anyone reading this post. I pray this for my beautiful friends. I pray this for the amazing young women I mentor.

But first, I pray this for myself.

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2 Responses to “The Power of Our Words”

  1. beulahgirl4ever August 8, 2013 at 11:27 pm #

    A powerful message that needed to be said and I pray will sink into the depths of my heart as well. So easily satan can claim control of a conversation or action if our heart is not in tune with God. Being unable to attend church because of caring for my loved one has made me weak. I pray and read my Bible and devotions but I need more. I need to be around Godly women. Beth thank you for speaking the bold and truthful words God gives you. They feed my thirsty soul. God Bless You! You know I love you. Renee

  2. Melanie Rose Schroeder August 12, 2013 at 12:01 pm #


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