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The Sunday Morning Breakfast Club

20 Jun

“Slow change may pull us apart
when the Light gets into your heart…”

~Simple Minds~

Jim and I are really comfortable. And staying would be so easy.

But even God-things must come to an end.

Sunday will be our last day as leaders of RoundTable connection group at Olive.  After months of prayer and countless confirmations, we have accepted the challenge to start a new class. In August we will (attempt to) teach young marrieds as they navigate the years between “I do” and “We’re having a baby!”

Today I want to give a big shout-out of love (and yes, tears) to our amazing RoundTable family.

And, in honor of their love for the ’80s and 9:30am snacks, I’ll just call them The Sunday Morning Breakfast Club.


Fifteen years. Almost 800 mornings.

Friends gathering around tables filled with Bibles and cheese grits and coffee and something else chocolate .

Brains. Athletes. Outsiders. Beauties (inside and out). And a rebel or two.


Different backgrounds. Different stories. But having The Most Important One in common.

They lead. They listen. They love.
Because of Jesus.

Talking loud and laughing big.

About new homes. New babies. New life in Christ.

Hurting big and praying loud.

Over dreams lost. Jobs lost. Loved ones lost.

But always making a difference.

Caring for sick. Serving food to the hungry. Providing Christmas for children who would have no dolls or skateboards or footballs if these friends hadn’t cared.

Men and women who are trophies of grace. All jars of clay with cracks of sin.

Yet containing the brightest Light. The Light which shines through their broken places.

Beams of faith. Rays of hope. Reflectors of love.

Radiant examples of living for the Standard.

He’s begun a good work in you. And greater, God-honoring works are yet to come.


So much love for you, my friends. More than you could know. And even though this really isn’t good-bye, this one last thing must be said:

Don’t don’t don’t don’t

Don’t you forget about me!


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