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Come Broken

8 Sep

As I write this so many friends and family hurt deeply. Some grieve loss, others are waiting in a dark place for answers. And others are fighting some horrible grips of sin.
Jehovah-Rapha, the Healer, the Stitcher of our wounds, longs for you to bring your pain…all of it…to His feet.


You are awakened by streams of sunlight that once warmed your spirit.  But now the brightness aches, almost mocking your pain as it invades the darkness.

It’s another day of waiting. Or perhaps walking through a life changed forever. Or of grieving what was, could have been, or never will be.

And now that day of each week once filled with joy…isn’t. You catch yourself thinking what you would never dare say aloud.

Church can be so hard when you hurt.


You want to go, but don’t want to risk breaking down.  Your heart longs to cry out for help. But, if you show your true emotions, would that distract the shiny, happy ones around you? Would coming as you really are and with the burden you bear even be received?

And you are thinking, “What kind of worship would that be?”

My friend, broken worship which pours from imperfect jars of clay, vessels cracked and worn from this life’s harsh use, is true worship. Closer to God’s design than you know.

Jesus has welcomed risky worship before. From a questionable woman who dared come to him in spite of critics and complacency. She dared to trust, as tears flowed freely, covering his feet. She dared to love as she dried and kissed his feet. And she dared to adore him by breaking open her alabaster box of perfume, sacrificing her greatest item of worth, and pouring the fragrance on his feet (Luke 7:36-38).

Crushed and spilled out. Fully surrendered. Focused solely on Christ. This woman rushed to Him to give all.  All hurt.  All fears.  All praise.

From her brokenness poured pure worship.

I hope today is the day you will bring your sin and heartache, your rejection and grief, and offer all to Him.  Let your tears flow at His blessed feet. Dare to weep open and revealed in His presence.

Please come be with us. You will teach us how to be poured out without pretense or masks. Your boldness may make us uncomfortable, but that is a good thing. We are dealing with a lot of junk, too. His children cannot be in the presence of pure and authentic worship without being moved.

The perfume which will come forth from your mourning will fill this place with praise.

You need the body of Christ. And we need you even more.

Come, broken one. Come.

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