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Those People

3 Jul

“I have not stopped giving thanks for you,
remembering you in my prayers…” ~
Ephesians 1:16

You have those people in your life?

They are always in your business.  Know everything about you.

But in the very best way.

Can’t remember a time they weren’t around.

They are in all the family photos.  Like the ones when you threw the huge 93rd birthday party for your grandmother because it would probably be her last. And the eight parties that followed ‘cause she lived to be 101.

High school graduations. Christmas dinners.  Summertime weddings. Lazy Sunday afternoons eating Mom’s pot roast.

Never left your side when life turned on you. Walked with you through the ugly.

There is always laughing. The snorting kind of laughs.  Funny stuff you re-tell each time you are together.

These people take you to a warm, familiar place. Kinda like your softest, most comfy sweatpants. Like reading a good book and drinking hot tea on a rainy day.

And they know your faults.  All the ways you messed up. They could probably recount every sin and way you disappointed them.

But they won’t.  Ever.

Because they simply love you. Past and present and future you.

They are those people.

From the neighborhoods that framed us.  And the towns that built us.

Last night I spent time with the closest of those people. My Logan County, West Virginia people who are fiercely loyal to family and friends.  I don’t get to see them often. But when I do, it’s like time stands still.

photo (44)

I had the chance to thank one in particular.  For the quiet influence she has been in my life. She never talked about forgiveness, but lived it. And I was watching.

Who are those people to you?  The ones who are easy to take for granted? Who may never know what a difference their presence had made in your life?

Take a few minutes.  Hold them and look them in the eye.  Smile. Crying is okay, too.

And let those people know how God used them for your good. That they mattered.  And that they still do.


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